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My First Sub 3hr Marathon.

The last “Piccadilly” Manchester Marathon combined with “The Pony” Bolton Marathon. I finally got under 3hrs.



Ready for the relay from Stalybridge to Armentieres, France



Arrival at Armentieres, France.

At last! The Runners arrive in:

Armentieres, France, after the relay from Stalybridge, England.




Dr “Ron Hill” MBE with Dave Carpenter and Kevin Taylor from:

    1999“Tour Of Tameside”

On completing 52mls race’s of mixed terrain and distance.




Tony “BillywhizHillier” from:

 1999 “Tour Of Tameside”

On completing 52mls of race’s of mixed terrain and distance.




       My Running Diary’s

I started (Jogging) Running in 1984.

After my first fun run the “Daisy Nook 10k”, which I ran in

a time of 48mins, and got my first medal I got the bug, because I

had never achieved anything in sports before.

I then trained for “The Pony Marathon” and ran it in 3hrs 41mins.

I joined East Cheshire Harrier’s and started training for a good

Marathon time, within 2yrs I had broke 3hrs for a Marathon.

  Highlight of my Running Year’s

1.      Breaking the 3hr barrier for the Marathon

2.      Marathon PB of 2hrs 53mins at London

3.      Doing a Relay with a group of Runners from:

Stalybridge, England to Armentieres France in Four Day’s.

4.      Beating the train in “The Race The Train” event.

My First 3hr Marathon.

             In 1985 I did my first Tour Of Tameside.

Which is a double Marathon broke down into 6 Race’s.

I also tried 3 attempts at breaking 3hr’s for the Marathon.

1.“The Daffodil Marathon” at Stockport in 3hrs 02mins,

2.“The Piccadilly Marathon” at Manchester, in 3hrs 08mins,

3. “The Pony Marathon” at Bolton, in 3hrs 04mins. I was completely mad then!

             In 1986 I did my 2nd Tour of Tameside. And just the one

Marathon, which was a combined:

“Piccadilly Marathon” of Manchester


“The Pony Marathon” of Bolton.

I finally achieved sub 3hrs in a time of 2hrs 58mins.01secs.

London Marathon PB.

                        A weekly page from my running diary for 1989.

Three week’s prior to London.

            2nd April 1989.

2ml jog before “Wilmslow Half Marathon”.

Weather very wet and cold, felt miserable before race start.

Set off very fast 5mins.30secs for 1st mile.

At 5miles time was 28mins.55sec got lazy at 6mls. Cold head winds.

At 8mls got going again. At 10mls time was 60mins.5secs.

Started to stride out finished with PB 79mins.33secc. Pleased.

Total Daily Miles. 15.

            3rd April 1989.

            3mls jog to work. 7mls home 53mins.

Total Daily Miles. 10.

            4th April 1989.

            3mls jog + 3mls jog. Really down today. Missed the Harriers


Total Daily Miles. 6.

            5th April 1989.

            20mls. Set off in a don’t want to mood and was scared

I might cut it short. Eased off to make sure I did the 20mls.

Weather wet and cold.

Time 2hrs.38mins.

Total Daily Miles. 20.

            6th April 1989.

            3mls jog + 3mls jog. Harriers track format:

4 Runners doing 100mtrs relay, then pairs doing 400mtrs, then

back to 4 Runners doing 300mtrs. 1hr session = 6mls.

Total Daily Miles. 12.

            7th April 1989.

            6mls. Am I winding down too much?

Total Daily Miles. 6

            8th April 1989.

            Rest. “Oldham Half Marathon” tomorrow.

Total Weekly Miles. 69

            My “London Marathon” PB.

            Set off from hotel 07.30. Got to start area and in the “pen”

for super vet’s which helps (Sub 3hrs for this) all our own

amenities, and right on the start line. Ideal weather conditions. 

Ran 1st Mile 6mins.20secs.

Got to 5mls in 31mins.  Got a blister at 7mls. 

Got to 10 mls in 1hr. 2mins. 

Got to half-way in 1hr. 22mins. No problems so far.

At Sixteen Miles I was flying. 

Got a stitch at 17mls so I struggled for 3mls. 

At 20mls time was 2hrs. 07mins. So time is OK, so I mentally dug

in and kept stride going, crowds were brilliant, they really pull you


Got to the bottom of Mall in 2hrs.43mins, had to talk to myself to

push on, kept saying it’s got to hurt, quads very sore. 

What a time 2hrs. 52mins. 46secs.

Not hurt this much since my first Marathon.


France Relay.

  We use to go to Armentieres regularly, and in 1989 we were

asked to do something to celebrate 35yrs of twinning with the Two

Town’s. So we decided to do a relay.

  Day 1. Stalybridge to Birmingham. 89 Mile’s

  Day 2. Birmingham to London. 109 Mile’s

  Day 3. London to Dover. 98 Mile’s

  Day 4. Calais to Armentieres. 80 Mile’s

            Total Miles 382

  People involved

  Here is a list of the people involved in the relay:

              And need engraving in stone for prosperity!





  RUNNERS                DRIVERS                           HELPERS

            Stella Boam.           Chris Hardman.                  Glen Hillier.

Stuart Bragg.          David Butterworth.            Andrea Kelly.             

Ian Brailsford.         David Dawson                    Helen Travis.

Alan Carroll.                                                                                        

John Harrod.          

            Tony Hillier.                               MASSEUSE.

Glen Hillier                                  Karen Probert

Harry Kelly.

            Ian Lawton.

            Nina Lewis.

            David Salmon.

Lee Sidebottom.

Colin Timpson.

Stuart Timpson.

George Travis.

Peter Hawley.

Simon Jessop.


My Present Status:

I am training very hard for the Tour Of Tameside, which is a full week

of mixed distance and terrain races in the last week of full July 2000.

I have been doing about 60- 80 Miles per week for the last 6 weeks.

I am hoping to come out of the tour and keep going for:

The Race The Train, and a good Manchester Marathon, sub 3hrs?


I am hoping to put more info in here if my web page’s get

off the ground.


           All My Running Races



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For a copy click on Race’s.exe and follow instruction’s



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A Extract from Dr “Ron Hill” MBE. From:


  After returning from my latest race in Belgium, my thoughts turned

  to my next event…with a tinge of sadness.

   Later this month I will be taking part in a series of runs literally on

   my doorstep. I founded the Tour of Tameside in the north west of

   England 20 years ago.

   In fact, this year sees the 20th and probably the final year of this

   popular challenge.

   The organisers, including myself, are no longer able to continue

   Due to other commitments. As a former race director and the

   Current race president, I am proud of the Tour of Tameside and

   all those runners who have participated in this tough and

   demanding event.

   I sincerely hope someone will pick up the baton and continue this

   fine tradition.

  This year's Peli Products Tour of Tameside is a double

   marathon in six stages between Sunday, July 23, and Saturday,

   July 29, with a well-earned rest day on Wednesday.

   It includes a whole host of running events. All runners start on the

   Sunday and continue with the event for as long as possible, with

   some competitors dropping out along the way and the die-hard

   runners finishing the following Saturday.

For More of Ron Hill goto:

For More Tour Of Tameside goto:

For more links goto:


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Details About This Page.

Hi and Welcome.

 My name is Tony Hillier. I have been Running since 1984 and I

have a lot of long distance experience. I am hoping this page will

help and generate contact’s and advice from other Runner’s

I would like to make this page into a notice board for anything

connected to Running:I.E:

Web Site Address’s.

E-mail Address’s.

Passing on Information.

Help For Runner’s

Asking For Running Information.

Anything connected to Running.

I must stress that I am not a coach or qualified in any way, this is

just a page really for contacting other Runner’s and sharing their


Also the contact addresses will be on open display and will not be


You can contact me by clicking below for my e-mail, and I will put your information on this


mailto:billywhizhillier@bigfoot?subject=Running information


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