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Billwhiz’s Personal Fact Sheet


*   Work Information

*   Favorite Links

*   Contact Information

*   Current Projects

*   Family Information

*   Personal Interests


Work Information

After leaving school in 1962:

I started work at Carrington Moss Nursery’s for M/C Corporation. I moved around the M/C Parks, including Fog Lane Park, & Wythenshaw Park. I left my career apprenticeship of Horticulture, for a job with M/C University Experimental Fields near Owens Park Fallowfield. I achieved my Qualifications of:

Certificated Gardener.


City & Guilds.

I then left Horticulture to work at S.H.M.D as a bus conductor, because of financial reasons.

I have worked on the buses since 1966, starting at S.H.M.D (Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, & Dukinfield). I am at present a bus driver for Stagecoach Manchester.


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Favorite Links










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Contact Information

E-mail address


Talk or Voicemail on Beecall. User name Billywhiz. (Beecall can be downloaded from

Web address



Current Projects

*   Tracing My Family Tree.

*   Data Base for my entire Race’s

*   Insert project title


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Family History

For Photo’s of our Grandchildren:

Click on Here:  



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Personal Interests

*   Running

*   Genealogy.My Family Tree. Igo to Hillier. Glover to Lloyd to Hillier

*   1960’s. Under Construction

      *   Computing. The Web

      *   Ornithology. Bird Watching

      *   Old British Stamps’

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4th June 2000