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Photo from 1999 Tour of Tameside.

Final Race.


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Hi and Welcome. My name is Tony Hillier, alias “BillywhizHillier”.

I was born in Hulme Manchester in 1947 and attended St Wilfred’s Infant School. My Parents moved to Brooklands, Wythenshaw, Manchester, where I attended St Aiden’s Primary school. I lived there until I was 11yrs old. Then we moved to Partington Nr Urmton Manchester. I did one term at St Columba’s Secondary School, and then transferred to Sale Secondary School and I went through my teenage years in Partington Nr Urmston, Manchester. I met and I married Glennis “Nee Lloyd” we have been wed for 33years and we have 3 grown up girls Called Karen, Joanne, and Allison, and 4 Grandchildren, named Rhiannon, Jade, Andrew, and Jake.

 My Favourite Quote Is:


Ah but I was so much older then,

I’m younger than that now.



About My Web Site

The main reason for this Web site is for Family and friends.

But I would like others to be interested in the site for its Running information and any of my other interests.


My Running Details

I Started running in 1984 in the Marathon boom and at 53 yrs I am still trying to stay at a good level of fitness. I live in a close proximity to the Pennines and have excellent running routes and I can also get on the Huddersfield and Macclesfield canals for flat rubs. But most of the runs around here are hilly.

Also Ron Hill, the famous Marathon Runner of the sixty’s lives in my area and I know him well he is a smashing bloke to talk to, his son Graham Hill is now a top runner in the area.

I try to train twice a day and average 50-70 Miles per week.

My Favourite Race is the Tour Of Tameside, which is Six races in one week, comprising of 52 Miles of mixed distance and type of terrain.


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